Fat Panda Toys specialises in creating memory keepsakes from baby’s and loved ones favourite clothing. From Bears, lions, elephants, bunnies, blankets, pillows, dolls and everything in between.

All handmade by myself with absolute love and respect. Please click on the gallery page to view my work.

With an increasing number of keepsake makers out there, it is more important than ever to choose the perfect one for you. Your clothing is irreplaceable so it’s important to make the right choice.

Clothing is not designed to be turned into keepsakes so it takes a skilled hand, a experienced memory maker and careful planning, not to mention an artistic eye to create a quality and bespoke finish. Every pattern piece is individually designed, stabilised with a non stretch interfacing fabric and carefully hand cut all before i even begin the sewing process.

All keepsakes are made by me and only me! When you order your memory keepsake through fat panda toys you are guaranteed to receive a high quality keepsake made with respect and love. Each item takes hours, days and sometimes even weeks to complete.. Something this special can’t be rushed.

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